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  The nature of design is to synthesize disparate perspectives and create a richer end product through collaboration and iteration      


Jens Martin Skibsted


A design based collaboration advocating for building healthy living environments in partnership with like-minded individuals. 

The sharing of information is imperative for any grassroots effort to gain momentum. WELLness is a global discussion and we are now seeing it being implemented in commercial and multi-family spaced. Through education and advocacy we hope to see the benefits of Well environments take a strong hold in our residential spaces as well.

We know that education is one of the forces that drives a global movement to transform our environments and communities in ways that help people thrive.


Through speaking engagements, we open the communication and share the benefits that can be created in environments that are mindful of the habitats well being.


As leading professionals in our industry, we understand the impact design interiors has on its inhabitants.


We know that healthy design matters.


Leslie Gustafson
Giselle Ulmo







Award winning designer Leslie Gustafson is among the first interior designers in the United States to successfully earn the WELL AP*.

Her healthy building practice affords her clients a healthier living and working environment.  

Leslie is also known for her keen eye for developing space. She has collaborated with many distinguished architects to enhance flow which enables the space to reach its full potential.  

With a Bachelor of Science in Design and over 25 years of experience in the industry, Leslie continues to create joyful and balanced  interiors with a sense of individual expression. She is also an accomplished furniture and case goods designer producing beautiful period pieces as well as entire kitchens.

Her approach to being part of a team of goal-minded individuals has been inspirational in implementing "Partners in Living Well".

Giselle Ulmo has been a designer for over 25 years, and the principal interior designer of Giselle Ulmo Design and Co-Founder of Partners of Living WELL.

As an industry professional, she understands that our environments have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Her inspiring interiors has always been at the forefront of her work with the focus of helping people on a more personal level with their home and in daily lives. Helping people create a space with purpose and that it will allow them to thrive. Giselle intuitive knowledge has allowed her to design spaces with clients wellbeing in mind. Her interest intrigued her to learn more and become one of the handfuls of interior designers in New York to become WELL AP Accredited. This has allowed her to become more conscious of the choices and have a deeper understanding of how to be impactful.


Both Leslie Gustafson and Giselle Ulmo are proud to have successfully earned the distinction of WELL AP*

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* "Developed in collaboration with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the WELL AP signifies advanced knowledge in human health and wellness in the built environment, and specialization in the WELL Building Standard. To become a WELL AP, all candidates must pass the WELL AP exam."

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