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2019 "Healthy Kitchen Symposium"

The NKBA Manhattan Chapter’s 2019 “Healthy Kitchen” Symposium is an innovative and in-depth discussion dedicated to designing kitchens for balanced living through

through nutrition, psychology, and the built environment.

Presented as a series of three, thought-provoking, programs, our symposium will focus on kitchen design solution for the built environment that can be implemented to improve

human health and well-being.

Following a nutritious lunch, this seminar will be a 3-hour presentation with three separate experts. Each will speak about their area of knowledge for 45 minutes and allow

for questions. One presentation will focus on nutrition and the influence of design in helping our clients to make healthful and nutritious choices.

Another will focus on the built environment and how design can drive our clients

toward better choices, improve comfort, and enhance health and well-being.

The third discussion will look at the services, products, and technological options available

to help us design these healthy spaces. There will be a natural synergy between these three discussions and hopefully some overlap where ideas from one discussion dovetail nicely with the others.

We're working with Grow NYC utilizing their "Project Farmhouse" public education space in New York City to host the event on Tuesday, June 25th in the afternoon.


Program 1: “Designing for Optimum Nutrition”; Anja Mikic - WELL AP, LEED Green

Associate and Nourishment Concept Lead for the International WELL Building Institute

Program 2: “Designing a Healthy Building Environment”; Giselle Ulmo and Leslie Gustafson WELL AP, Interior Designers and Partners from Partners in Living WELL

Program 3: “Technology and the ‘Well’ designed kitchen” Scott Koehler - Builder, Designer,

and Technology Expert

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